Thursday, September 24, 2009

This picture should win an award.

Beautiful. If u don't laugh your heads off when you see this, go watch or read bleach. Then you'll find out why it is so hilarious!!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

One Piece ROCKS!!!!

Only if you read the Manga will you understand what happened, but one thing is for sure One Piece is still the best manga I have ever read. Yes, even better than Naruto and Bleach!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What happened after school on Friday

A very interesting conversation occurred.

People involved :

Wee Jin
Jason Yeo
Chong Wen Hao
Deon Cham - Form 1 child prodigy

We're all prefects except for Deon.

Note : There is a 3 second pause between every answer that Deon gave.

We were all standing near the guard house after school when Deon came.

Deon : Just now got someone give a cigarette to a student. How?

Wee Jin : Where?

Deon : There outside. That guy with the yellow hair give cigarette to the boy.

Me : Okay.. which boy?

Deon : There the one with the green colour shirt. Just now outside there. How?

Wee Jin : Since he took the cigarette outside the school and he's not smoking we cannot do anything.

Deon : But why he want to smoke? Smoking is bad for health...

Jason : How I know? U ask him lah....

Deon : But why? smoking is bad for health. Must tell teacher....

Wee Jin : Okay so you know he smokes, what are you going to do? Do you know who he is? U tell teacher also useless.

Deon : I tell teacher to ask all the green shirt people to line up, then i point lah.... But why he
want to smoke?

Since no one could answer him Jason changed the subject.

Jason : Deon, how you come to school? By car, motor, bicycle, aeroplane, helicopter?

(after 3 seconds)

Deon : There the vehicle got four wheels one. Green colour and got rust in front.

Me : Okay.... What is the name of this four wheel vehicle?

Deon : Look like that one. (points to a Proton Wira)

Wen Hao : Ask him where he live. Deon where you live?

Deon : (recites his address, complete with house number, taman, postcode and state)

Me : Deon, you are very unique lah.

Deon : Why am i unique?

Me : err... beacause you have a very interesting personality.

Deon : If i unique why rich people never buy me?

All : HARR??!!!

Wee Jin : Why should rich people buy you?

Deon : Because i unique.

Jason : Ur unique, not antique. Rich people buy ANTIQUES.

Deon : har? why they never buy me?

Wen Hao : Okay you want people to buy you. How much do u want to be sold for?

Deon : (thinks for 5 seconds) 13 ringgit.

All : Why so cheap? You want to sell yourself for 13 ringgit?

Deon : Because I 13 years old .... why i unique?

Wee Jin : I think this guy has some problem lah. Sure one. Otherwise why he like that.

Jason : Deon you very funny lah you.

Wen Hao : You human and you want to sell yourself for 13 ringgit...

Deon : Har? What you talking about? Ehh... how i going home arr? (walks away)

Wee Jin : I think he suffers from short-term memory loss lah......

Wen Hao : But the fella quite smart leh, top 20 in form.

Jason : Ya loh, he from SFI Primary one leh...

Me : Donno the fella lah. Got some problem somewhere lah.

End of conversation

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prefect's Farewell Dinner

With the exams going on, I had no time to blog. This is just a summary of what i should have blogged about long ago.

Prefects Farewell can be summerised into

1. Eat
2. Talk
3. Take Pictures
4. Sing
5. Get wet.