Thursday, December 31, 2009

Event 2 : 5H Poolside Party and the events that led to it

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Time truly flies. I look back and realise that it had already been 5 years since I first stepped through Gate 2 of St. Francis Institution, the greatest school in Malacca. 5 years since 1 first saw a tall, bald and ugly robed man walking the corridors with his head held high. 5 years since I first doned the white prefect's uniform. And 5 years since 1 first met the bunch of crazy people studying in SFI.

I remember thinking to myself when I was still an innocent Form 1 boy, " When will From 5 come and go?" and now, I'm sitting here in front of my comp, at 17 years of age, blogging about how the 5 years have just passed so fast. And sitting here, i begin to remise about those years........

Form 1H 2005

It all began when I first entered the class of 1H. I was a foriegner in a strange land. A chinese school student entering the class of students from SFI primary, but i was not alone. There were about 15 of us from Chinese Schools who chose to enroll ourselves in the great school of SFI. As the Chinese speaking,(but equally pro at English) crowd, we took the back seats. I sat next to Shimri who sat next to Joel Chua. Behind me was Ivan, Siong Wai, and Kenny. In front, Mohvilan, Hariharran, and Devnath.

It was that very year that we began to mix around with all 3 races of Malaysia. There is nothing much to say about Form 1 cause we were still raw freshmen, but here are some interesting facts.
1) The pharse "Jo Ray arr!!" began in 1H
2) The total disipline cases recorded by 1H that year was 7. The highest recorded by any Form 1 class.
3) Lim Shimri broke 4 chairs.
4) We found out that Teo had a very BIG head. Called him "tua tao" ever since.
5) My nickname "Big Bird" was founded by Cirel when I was doing my probationary prefect duty.
6) Someone whacked Jo Ray

Form 2H 2006

The most memorable thing about Form 2 was definantly Kedongdong. It was that year that we 1st met 3 of the most interesting teachers of SFI. Mr. Ngor Tee Boon, Bro. Micheal Kum, and Mr. Wong Leon Kit. Each has his own story, Mr. Ngor and his Kedongdongs, BMK and his "I graduated from the University of Manchester" and Mr. Wong and his non-existant eyebrows. The drama between BMK and Mr. Ngor was so intense that it was so hystericaly funny. And there was also the story of the trainee teacher......

Form 2 was also the 1st time we joined an event as a class. The class of 2H was chosen to represent SFI in the coral speaking competition. We were trained by BMK and the trainne teacher and with Augustin as our conductor, went to compete in the competition held at Dog.... High School. Well we may have lost, but it was one of the 1st memories we had as a class. It was also when we started appreciating SFI's toilet....

Other facts of 2H 2006 :
1) Adair "fart machine" Teow joined us.
2) Gan Chong Yee was class monitor and left us at the end of the year.
3) Lim Shimri broke 2 chairs. (An improvement?)
4) "Jo Ray arr!!" was shouted the most.
5) We produced 3 very obseen and creative essays that were sadly confisticated by BMK.
6) Someone whacked Jo Ray

Form 3H 2007

PMR year.... So sien...Study study study... Not much that can be said, except that me and a few friends attended the 6th Melaka Jamboree that year. It was at the Jamboree that I discovered that Goh can drink around 5 cups of juice in 30 minutes, where we had a competion to see who can get the most contact information from other scouts, and also when two people apparently bathed naked in front of each other....
Oh yeah, Transformers came out in 07 and for some time all we were taking about was how Bumblebee was so cool... and for some reason or another one of the invigilators of our PMR was so fat that it was amusing for us watching him climbimg up the stairs to our exam hall....

The fun started after PMR. After PMR it was all outings and movie-ing and ponteng-ing and cs-ing and dota-ing and battlefield-ing and movie-ing and eating and playing and............tahts about it...

Other interesting facts :
1) The term "Majinbuu" was founded in 3H
2) The letters MJB was sprayed on the back wall of 3H with clear laquer.
3) Stacey Geoffery Tay Jun Wei left us for Singapore.
4) Someone whacked Jo Ray.

Form 4P 2008

We were streamed to 2 science classes equally. So half of 3H went to 4H and another half to 4P. However, 4P rocked!! the amount of nonsense things we did were unthinkable.

1) Insulted our Add Maths teacher so much until she quit teaching our class.
2) The whole class got sent to the principal's office for playing with matches.
3) Played with the ethanoic acid bottles in the Chemistry lab until the whole lab was filled with fumes.
4) Burnt people's backsides with bunsen burners.
5) Witnessed a death.
6) Andre destroyed the Chemistry Lab tap.
7) Turned the Class Magazine plans into a failure
8) Gay earless Heng Kuang Yang joined us.
9) Someone whacked Jo Ray

Then there are also the other things that was done during 2007
1) Team V-Thrust and Team The Nitrates of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge came from 4P. During the duration of the Competition there was plenty of friction between the two teams.
2) The form 4 scouts of 4H and 4P organised the Scout Orintation Camp 2008, where we made the Form 1's pee in their pants, thanks to the Oscar winning performance by our troop leader.
3) Me, Goh, Joel and Daniel went for our 1st cycling expedition to Hutan Rekreasi.

4) Leroy Yeow was made Head Prefect and Head Editor.
5) I puncured my left lung.
6) Kin Mun, Adair, Gin Shen, Daniel Chia, Eric and me joined the National Robotics Competition.
7) The Form 4 scouts organised the Scout Troop Camp 2009.
8) Someone whacked Jo Ray again.

Form 5H 2009

Many many many things happened in 5H. For starters, there was the debate between 5H and 5P, which turned out to be a stand up comedy show.

Then there was Sports Day,

5H very own sunglasses wearing flag bearers

getting ready for the march pass

And Teachers Day,

5H group pic in honour of Joel (our dynamic monitor)'s birthday

And Prefect's Farewell Dinner,

This is AFTER we entered the pool

And Prefect's Installation,

And Canteen Day,

Something is not right with this pic.... I think its a certain white robed man..

And bald people (refering to both top and bottom pics),

And gay people,

And Mr. Ong's Retierment Ceremony,

And SPM.

Well SPM came and went and we didn't see each other for quite a long time. Until I recieved a message "The 5H Farewell Class Party will be held on 28th December 2009" What can i say? I grabbed my camera and headed to the party!!

It was a BBQ party. We had spent the whole day getting the stuff ready, but it was worth it. And since it was a poolside party, we all ended up getting wet.

The juicy wings which took forever to cook....

Chilling and waiting for the forever chicken wings to cook

The Men In Black

Donovan, Eric, Jia Sheen, Jason, Ah Poh

Chong and Poh

And its Joel being.........Joel

The party ended with a splash. This party will probally be the last time I will see all of my clasmates together for maybe a year or so.  Most of us will be going to KL to further our studies, some KTJ, some taylors, Sunway, INTI, some will be staying for Form 6. We will all be going our our seperate ways, but I will always cherish the memories that we had together. 5H!!!


And now as 2009 comes to end, I hope that we will all stay in touch and always remember all the times we had together.

Oh, and someone whacked Jo Ray.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 Great Events : Event 1 YDP 2009

Oh boy! I just came back from the 5H Poolside Party and it rocked!!

But wait! I can't blog about the party if I don't 1st blog about the greatest event that could ever happen. An event that defines the term awesomeness and an event where phares like "Disgusting! Pui!", "I failed in life but became awesome" and "1 girl, 1 place, 1 time" originated.
That's right folks, I'm taking about none other that the YDP 2009!! (sfx : grand opening theme)

The Youth Development Programme (YDP) is a youth camp organised by the Churches of Christ of Malaysia and Singapore to build and maintain bonds between the youth. For the past 20 years or so, the Klang COC has been organising this camp but this year the youth of Lim Ah Pin COC, Singapore decided to take on the challenge of organising the camp. The special thing was tthat this time the was no adults involved in organising and upholding the statutes of the camp programme. It was 100% powered by youth force. I would like to congratulate the LAP youths on a job well done in making this years YDP a huge success! Esp to Jonathan Yang, my sifu, who was a great Camp Commander and who also instructed me in the way of the "How to tease Clara" art.

This year's YDP took a different route with the sessions. Instead of a inviting a speaker to drone on and on and bore us with his lessons, each group was assigned a debate topic. There were 3 topics which were
Motion 1 : Social Drinking is wrong
Motion 2 : Clubbing is wrong
Motion 3 : marrying a non-Christian is wrong

There were 6 teams alltogether, 3 proposition and 3 opposition. My team was team 6 which were the proposition team of Motion 2.

Since YDP is such a awesome camp, words cannot describe it. Therefore, I shall now resort to pictures.

Preparing for the debate

The dark side

A game called blind worm

Super Bowl!!!

Always remember to wear your safety googles or you might just lose an eye....

The awesome game committees

Team 6's very own dog. woof woof

The debate in session

Some just concentrate too much

The members of Malacca COC! Minus the sam ben

Finally, I have only one thing to say,


Friday, December 25, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

Lights! Camera! Cosplay!!!!!
and that was what Comic Fiesta was all about.

When my friend 1st asked me to go Comic Fiesta, I was not expecting such a enormous event. When I stepped into the Sunway Piramid Convention Centre that Saturday, my mind was blown away.

It was 5 months ago, way before the SPM fever hit, directly after GACC, that some friends and I decided to make plans to invade the biggest anime convention in Malaysia, the Comic Fiesta 2009. No, we didn't decide to cosplay (though we regreted not cosplaying when we went there), but just went to have a good time.

We left for KL from Melaka Central at 7.00 in the morning and reached Pudu at about 9. Then with Kenny Ang, the 6th Fort Scout Troop Leader as our guide, we got lost in KL.After some references to a map, (which Kenny kept hidden in is bag) we managed to take a bus to Sunway Piramid.

We reached Sunway, rushed up to the top most floor, bought our tickets (which cost RM15), and then stepped into the biggest anime convention in Malaysia. The 1st thing that we saw was cosplayers. There were cosplayers everywhere! Left, right, up, down, in out, everywhere!

It is very hard to describe the magnitude of cosplay awesomeness there so i'll just post some pictures.

The event was coordinated by two emcees who took charge of the programme. Alferd and erm.....(I forgot). Well they were the bomb! I have never seen people as spontaneous as them! Even Issac would have lost to them! They made Comic Fiesta alive. Seriously there isn't a dull moment with them. There was this time when they found a phone and instead of just announcing that they found a phone they did this.

Emcee 1 : Okay we found a phone a black Nokia. whoever it belongs to please proceed to the DJ area.
Alferd : Hey why don't we call the last person who call this phone and ask who called him. Cause here
            at comic fiesta we make everything into a joke.
Emcee 1 : Why not?

They then called the person on the phone. After that they did the very same thing for every phone they found. They called it "Stage Call". Seriuosly, the amount of nonsense they did on the stage was so idiotic you have to see it to appreciate it.

There were also plenty of performances that were going on at the event. Cosplay competitions, art competitions, doujin booth competitions and others. The amount of cosplayer were staggering. But the coolest cosplayer was Alex Bursa of Prototype. He was so damn cool!!! With his lage blade attached to his hand, he looked ready to kill.

The event itself lasted 2 days. I can't think of anythig else to blog cause I can't describe the awsomeness in words. Its too hard. More pictures are in my facebook page.

Comic Fiesta was truly wonderful. Not only did i take pictures with many cute girls,

I am now also the proud owner of Hyourinmaru.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


After 5 years, and we're still going strong. The Yok Bin Primary, 6B students of 2004. 5 years have passed since we left our school, and eventhough we went to different secondary schools, we still can't forget our roots.

This time around, Good Ol' Yu Yang who left us in Standard 4 and migrated to Australia joined us. Well, I don't really remember who he was, and i couldn't even reconise his face, nor could he remember me. So it was mutual. But anyhow, he was da bomb! He was like the noisiest guy around, going around and talking crap in his aussie accent. According to him, Australia makes people crazy, which makes sense since my two other friends from Australia who also have a few screws lose here and there. XD

Well we met at DP's MCD, the one closer to Taming Sari. Vincent Lim who was down from KL was able to join as he was staying at my house. We cycled there and 1st met Sarah, (who is as short as ever) and Yu Yang. After staring at him for a few moments, i concluded that i couldn't remember him. But who cares, the more the merrier.

The others came in time, Adrian, Joanna, Hse Khai, Kuang Chern, Edmund, Yi Ting, Chiew Fang, Agnes, Zhen Khai, Wei Cheng and Silk. So it was the 14 of us who actually heeded the call and turned up for the reunion. To be honest, they didn't look all that different. Some of them gained more weight, like Edmund but that was all there was.

Just as we were about to leave for the cinema, Vincent received a call.

Mom : Vincent, i'm coming to Jonah's house to pick you.
Vincent : When?
Mom : Now.
Vincent : Har........!!!

So I and Vincent had to rush back home. I had to follow Vincent cause he was not sure of the way home. So his reunion ended there. But not for me. After sending him back, i cycled back to DP under the hot sun.
This was probally the last reunion we were going to have and i'm definantly not going to miss it!

I arrived and met them at the DP cineplex, and we went to play at the arcade.

Then we went to the DP field and spent ONE WHOLE HOUR taking photos. This were some of the results. Damn we're crazy!

From left : Wei Cheng, Adrian, Tse Khai, Jonah, Sarah,
Kuang Chern, Silk, Zhen Khai, Edmund, Yu Yang

The cross leg-ed pose

Edmund carrying Yu Yang LOL

From Left : Sarah, Joanna, Yi Ting, Agnes, Chiew Fang

Paparazzi in the house!

Guess who...??

The Malaysian Dreamer


Silk looks gay

Cheorography courtousy of Sarah

JUMP! But we all ain't sporting.

I had to leave early since I had something on at church. So it was sayonara for me at 5.30pm. They went for a movie later.

To see old classmates once again after so long is indeed fun. I will definantly never forget this time's reunion.

Old friends, New memories.