Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Dance

A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. If you want something, fight for it. Just sitting down and lazying about is not going to get you anywhere. Have the confidence to take that first step, and you'll find that life is more worth the living after that.


The 1st step has been taken, the dice thrown, the stage set. 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

C) Of Gluttony and Chicken Wings

3 weeks overdue.

It was on the 30th of October at around 2pm that I received a sms from Kin Mun asking whether I would like to join some of them for dinner at Yuen Steamboat. I agreed. So at about 6 something i left to sunway pyramid where i was picked up by Donovan and headed to Yuen's. Yuen Steamboat is one of the more popular steamboat restaurants in Subang. With 3 floors and a wide array of food to choose from, its any food lovers dream. Not to forget the much sort after chicken wings, but more about that later.

It turned out that Jason had brought the whole matriculation gang together with their friends from Penang to Sunway for a holiday break, so we occupied 2 tables. We in our Franciscan spirit occupied one table while the other occupied the other. And thus the feast began.

As the minutes turned to hours, the number of plates increased steadily. Everyone let out their inner glutton on that day as we devourer plate after plate of seafood and meat. However the only drawback to steamboats is that we have to wait for the food to cook, which brings me to the topic of the chicken wings.

The chicken wings was the only ready-to-eat food available. So naturally it was in high demand. If you don't move fast, you don't eat. We then realised that if we wanted to get the wings we had to fight, to participate in the great Battle for the Chicken Wings. It was war.

5 things to do to win in the Battle for Chicken Wings
1) Keep track of the status of the tray containing the wings at all times.
2) When the lady takes the tray into the kitchen, you know that the time has come. Get ready.
3) Send a contender from your table, armed with plates and a tong.
4) Patiently wait for the tray(now filled with chicken wings) to arrive.
5) Use your tong to ward away enemy tongs while you use your plate to scoop up the chicken wings.

And you have just successfully participated in the Battle for Chicken Wings and emerged victorious!

Our contender Kin Mun fighting a winning battle

We stayed on eating until 11pm until we finally left with a full tummy, content.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

B) A Night of Horrors and Wonders

Life can take us by surprise in many different ways. Sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes it shocking and sometimes it's just downright nasty. However, there are times when the unexpected happens, when all three types of surprises happen together in rapid succession. Now this phenomenon is very rare and can only happen if all the pieces align themselves on a particular day. And that day was 27 October 2010.

Now before we can talk about that day, we have to understand and know the pieces that were involved in the alignment. Let's rewind to about a month and a half before 27 October 2010.

It was a hot, sweaty afternoon. A group of men and women were waiting in a classroom on the 8th floor of the Inti Tower. Each one of them, men or women alike dressed to kill. The sound of satin ties against cotton shirts and the tap of heels against the floor signified one thing : These people were here for a purpose, a mission. A mission to prove themselves worthy to be called "The Committee". Even though the air-con was on full blast on that day, the tension in the atmosphere made it seem that we were all standing under the hot sun outside. Each one of them resorting to their own ways to calm the storm of anxiety quelling in them. Finally it was time. One by one they entered the Chamber of Trials to be tested. What happened after that shall remain a mystery. We have no idea what happened in that Chamber, all we know is that 1 week after it was over, 20 of us were summoned. Summoned to become "The Committee".

Ever since then The Committee have worked on several projects. Projects that demanded our full attention and energy. And one of those projects was "Halloween Night".

Planning for Halloween Night came under the administration of the Drama and Musical Division of The Committee. With Eugene Tan and Tracy Wong as the leaders of the division, a task force was formed. A task force dedicated to make sure that the event was carried out with perfection. A group of people tasked with making the pieces and finally aligning them.

As the day for the event approached, each piece was slowly beginning to take form. Like all projects, some pieces began to fall apart, some pieces taking to long to complete. However, we pushed on, overcoming every obstacle, all to ensure the prefect alignment of each piece on that day. 

Finally the day came. 27 October 2010. The Night of Horrors and Wonders. Halloween Night 2010. The time had come to finally align the pieces and see the whole picture. And the end result...


All the pieces fitted perfectly! The emcees, the performances, the DJs, THE DRAMA, the background music, the costumes, The Joker, the blood, the sword, the fake hand, the pumpkins, the worms and crickets... PERFECT FIT!

Everyone had a pleasant surprise watching the well synchronized and directed drama, got shocked by the amazing acting skills and make up our actors had, and finally nastily surprised by all the disgusting costumes that the students came in. (especially that gay mask that Avinash wore... and not to mention a sword XD) Jason even came as The Joker! And he looked just like the original Joker! How cool is that?

That Night was really a night to remember.  Kudos to all the committee members who worked so hard to make all the pieces fit! You all rock!

Some pictures of the night

Pumpkin carving with the Hand

You dare steel my prey?

 Survival of the fittest, only the strong shall prevail

After all are killed, we are one big scary family

 Dance Performances

 The Drama : The Curse of Bloody Mary