Sunday, October 31, 2010

A) The Conquest

This blog has been dead for sometime now since i was kinda busy with assignments, homework and all that crap. (Actually I was just lazy, but saying assignments and homework makes me sound more hardworking.)

So now I will post 3 short posts throughout the duration of this week.

A) The Conquest of The Grandfather and The Tabor.
B) A Night Of Horrors and Wonders
C) Of Gluttony and Chicken Wings

Starting with



Click the video and let it load as you read the short description of the hike.

Let's turn back the clock two months ago, on the merry day of August the 24th.

4 men set out at 7am in the morning. Their goal, to conquer the Grandfather of Mountains, Gunung Dato. Standing at 870m, it was Men versus Mountain. The journey to the peak was arduous, with slopes and pitfalls scattered along our path. However, we surged on, overcoming ever obstacle and finally reaching our goal, the peak of the mountain. What a sight to behold as we gazed towards the horizon, breathing in the magnificent scenery that was before us. Lush forests as far as the eye can see, green hilly ranges spanning from the north to the south, and the endless blue sky that stretched before us. We could not help but to feel insignificant to the glory of God's creation, tiny ants when compared to the evergreen giant before us. All the money, statuses and material things of the world were nothing as we stood upon that pinnacle, away from civilization, realizing that no amount of wealth could have bought us that few moments of ethereal bliss.

However, as much as we wanted to stay upon that peak and suck up the picturesque scene before us, our need to fill our stomachs overruled. So we embarked upon the long journey down the mountain and back to civilization. 1st thing we did when we reached the bottom, drove to the nearest 7-11 and slurped down a Slurpee. And it tasted like heaven.


Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, October 16th.

This time 3 men and 2 women set out at 7am in the morning. Their goal, to climb the 4 peaks of the quartz rich mountain range of Gunung Tabor. Now Tabor wasn't like Dato. While Dato was relatively simple with no hard slopes, Tabor was an amusement park of steep slopes. From the begining to the end, it was slopes and rocks that needed to be climbed. Situated just adjacent to the Klang gates, the scenery was truly wonderful. Being a mountain range, the path required up to climb up and down in order to reach the final peak. There were 4 peaks in total, with the final one being a deathtrap. The danger was real. One slip, one misstep, and it's sayonara my friend. The path was in such a way that we were walking right at the middle, where either sides were a long drop down, but we persevered. All of us managed to make it to the 3rd peak but only 3 decided to take the challenge and continue on to the final and highest peak.

Now the last peak, as mentioned earlier, was a deathtrap. Why? Simply because we had to climb a 85 degree incline to get there. With only an unreliable aged rope as a support. The journey up was one of the scariest things i have ever done. It was you versus nature. Pure concentration was needed as I slowly made my way up, looking for footholds and handholds. Finally after much huffing, the peak was reached. The Tabor was conquered. Since it was getting hot we just rested for a while, took some pictures and then started the real scary part, the decent. Now just take whatever fear you had for the accent and double it for the decent. It was that scary. By the grace of God, we made it to the bottom of the peak without harm and then continued with out decent down to the starting point. Suddenly after that crazy slope, going down the mountain was very easy. It seems that after we overcame our fears and traveled down that 85 degree incline, we were suddenly fearless men and women of the mountain. (RAWR!!) All in all, we reached the bottom safely.

It was Legen-