Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today our English teacher, Bro. Michael Kum Kok Weng stormed into class, flipped a few tables and forced us to pen down a set of rules, or should i say his personal philosophy. These are the set of rules which he named

'Things For Me To Remember'

1. Do not joke with the teachers because lessons are formal and they are not party-time.

2. Teachers are to be respected and not to be friendly with.

3. Always be consious of the things that I do which irritate my teachers and friends.

4. Because I am a 5H student, I must be aware that I am a role model towards the students in the school.

5. I must remember that everyone has rights, especially the right of teachers to be informed where I go and what I do and the rights of my friends not to be influenced by my occasional thoughtless acts of unbecoming behavior.

6. Always do my corrections, update my homework, leave nothing undone and I must be responsible for my own academic and and cocurricular achievements and performance.

7. when I am absent, the monitors must be given my medical certificate or a photocopy of an official letter of invitation the very next day when I come back.

8. During ENGLISH lessons, I must not be doing the work of other subjects.

9. Every subject is connected to one another. For example, If I want to excel, I need to study towards my future life and my career.

Since the bell rang at that moment, he stopped at rule 9. The first 9 rules of a 100.

(Or so he says)

Frankly, I don't see how these rules are going to help us in any way. He might as well go talk to a wall since his ranting fell on deaf ears.

And the best thing was he scolded us on something that wasn't even our fault. But then again, we were already immune to his crap.

Haiz, well thats Bro. Michael for you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A tribute to the emcees of Franciscan Night

Okay. This is a post that is 3 weeks overdue.
In my 1st post of Franciscan's Night, i somehow managed to forget to include the emcees.
So this post is specially for you 3 who made this event a tremendous sucess.

Jameson and Eugene, YOU TWO WERE THE BEST!! The night would not be complete without you. Andre you tried your best, but sadly the you were completly overshadowed by those two. Well better luck next time.

But to Jameson and Eugene, you two complemented each other like bread and butter. Because of you two Franciscan Night is worth remembering.

Thank you for making the night a magnificient point of SFI history. The stories of how Jameson and Eugene conducted the night will be told for generations to come. XD

(Okay maybe i was being a bit far fetched at the last statement...)


But still,

YOU PEOPLE (Including Andre) ROCK!!!!

No reason

There is absolutly no reason to blog about that.
I mean what's the use of blogging about it?
Its probally in a pile of old newspapers by now.

But still,

It's not everyday that it happens.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This was the chicken chop I ate at Lot 523 TKL.
Looks Delicious doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Dad, the Genius.

My dad's a genius. He has a found a foolproof way to get me downstairs from the computer room upstairs.

You see for the past few weekdays I have been staying up until over 12am surfing the net. There are classes the next day so my dad usually calls me down to sleep at 12am. This is what usually happens :

Dad : Jonah... Come down and sleep.
Jonah : Ya. A while more.

Dad : Jonah!! Come down!! 12.15 already
Jonah : Ya. Ya. Coming.

Now this is the best part.
(Dad walks towards main powerbox controlling current to upstairs. Reaches out hand and switches off main switch)

Jonah : WHAT THE!!!!

GG!! No current, no pentium.

Jonah is forced to come down and go to bed.

Brilliant isn't he? Well that's my Dad.

Full of new "wonderful" ideas.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Night To Remember

Yesterday, April 3rd 2009, a date that will live in splendor. The St. Francis Institution of Malacca held the Franciscan's night 2009. Mouths were open, and laughter unstopable as the students 'blew' the minds of the audience right out of their heads with their performances.

Sound Familiar?

If you attended the Franciscan's Night you would have probally heard a somewhat familiar reading during the drama put up by us. And i have to say this, THE DRAMA ROCKED!!!! People were literaly falling off their seats in laughter.

Whew! What a day. What a day. April 3rd was a long day for me and the rest of the performers.
We started out the day by going to school. Then we left for a final rehersal at EQ from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Luckily, our school was just 30 seconds away from EQ, othewise we would have neverhad pulled it off. Then I left with some of my friends to MP to celebrate Joshua's birthday.
Ended up eating a Nando's. We finished eating at 4pm. (Don't ask why)

I then left for home to prepare myself for the show. At 6.15pm i was back at EQ. I was in 2 performances, taekwondo and drama.

The night started of with a picture presentation of our schools achivements. Then at 8 sharp, the band began their opening entrance. Followed by the kompang and the 24 seasons drums. The choir performed next, and i must say that in my 5 years in SFI, that days performance by them was the best I've heard. Congrats Joshua and all the choir members on a job well done!!

THe band made their 2nd performance after that. They played 3 songs. the 1st was quick and catchy but the next two........ not that good. After that we had our very own Bollywood dancers take the stage. Truly entertaining, a lot of 'shaking'. At that time, the pressure was building up on me an my fellow taekwondoist as our performance was right after that. We manged to pull ourselves together and gave it our best. We recieved quite a loud aplaude after our act, no standing oviation thought, HAIZ........ Personally i thought that we were cheered for the loudest in the 4 martial arts performances........... Xp. (no offence) LOL

After that we had the rythemic gymnastics performances by the beautiful ladies of SFI and a show by our very own Elvis Presly. Then was the shuffling. I don't really get shuffling, don't find it entertaining at all. Prefer breaking. =D.

And then was the highlight of the Night. The drama. Not just any drama but THE drama. When you have a cast of jokeists', you get a damn funny performance. The crowd roared with laughter as every scene....well almost every scene was full of funny moments. We started the drama with a serious tone, just to give people a false impression that it will be serious. Then after that, BANG! the jokes came full force! People even came and told me that they laughed so much that they have to go for an operation to sew back the holes at their sides. Serious, I'm not lying. Good job people!! We made Mr. Yong proud!!
And if anybody says that it was boring.........

WAH!! PUI!!!!

After that we had our KAYAF troop perform. Very coordinated. Good Job Guys! I guess after performing in front of an international crowd this was nothing ehh.... LOL

Then was the presentation that recieved as much aplause aand cheering as the drama. Our very own principal, Mr Ong Chong Wee together with the ex-headmaster of SFI primary and a few other teachers, danced to the music of a thailand Cha-cha. People litarally left their seats and rushed to the front to take photos. Hey! Its not everyday that you get to see your very own principal dance do you?? Beautifully cheorographed and magnificiently carried out. Mr. Ong, YOU ROCK!!

Finally we ended the night with the sign language performance of the song "You Raised Me Up".
Truly a wonderful ending to a great event. The concert ended at about 10.30pm.

But my day was not yet over. The night was still young and adrenaline was flowing. Me and my friends, Wee Jin, Leroy, Goh, Yip, Goat, Sebastian, Daniel Chia, Jack, Francisco and Eugene decided to go out for supper. Damion and Yip's cousin Jeramy also tagged along. We didn't want to go anyway near MP or DP for supper since we were so bored of them, so we decided to go Melaka Raya. The initial plan was to walk all the way to Amigo's and eat there. But as we were walking there we were afraid that it would be closed by the time we reached. So we ate at Uncle John's, somewhere in the middle of Melaka Raya.

After that we went home at about 12.30am.

Whew! Truly a night to remember!!!!

P.S - Anybody who has the pictures of FN, please pass them to me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Franciscans' Night 2moro!!

FN is tomorrow!!
And boy do we have a wonderful performance ready for u.
If ur reading this post and haven't bought ur ticket, i seriously think that u are missing out on one of the most exciting events of the year.

For those who bought it, just a bit of inside info.
Make sure to stay for the drama we are putting up and u'll see an oscar winning performance by our actors .
(And yes its funny)

So see ya there!!!