Friday, January 29, 2010

By Law

By law I'm not supposed to be doing this.
By law I'm not supposed to be up so late.
By law I can't use the computer.
By law I'm not a full time student. 

Being a partial full time student at Foursea's Bible College, Singapore has it advantages. Eventhough I am bound by certain rules, I am not required to follow them fully. So that gives me a decent amount of freedom.

By law, you can't drink water in the MRT.
Being in Singapore for about 2 weeks now, I noticed a lot of things about Singapore and its citizens.
First, the Mass Rapid Transits(MRT), these things are seriously MASIVE. It is like 3 times longer than the KL LRT's, 100 times more efficient than the LRT and 1000 times more organised. Looking at the Singapore map which showed the rail tracks and through travel experience, I discovered that I can like cross from the south of Spore to the north in like 45 minutes. It's that efficient. and it travels a lot faster than the LRT's of Malaysia. Comparing the KTM to the MRT would be like comparing a slug to a cheetah. I remember waiting for o whole hour for a KTM commuter, and here i only need to wait 3 to 4 minutes for a MRT to arrive at the stations. Awesome!

By law, you can't own a house unless your friggin rich.
Next, the housing development. Due to the lack of land in singapore, developers can't build single unit houses. Therefore, they have to build up. Singapore is full of flats and condominiums. Everywhere I turn i see flats, esp in the housing areas, its just like spores, scattered by the wind to every part of the island. There are also houses around, but these are usually located at the central area and can cost up to 10 millions dollars and more. As compared to Malaysia where almost everyone lives in houses.

By law, food in Singapore is no match to Malaysia.
The food. Nothing to talk about there, Malaysian food is still the best. The worst thing is Sinapore does not have any mamak stores. The essential part of every Malaysian's life. I am like dying for roti cannai and teh o ais right now. It's not like S'pore does not have any roti cannais, but they call it by a different name, roti prata. Intuituion tells me that roti prata will be no where near Malaysian roti cannai. And to singaporeans, a mamak store is a convinence store run by a mamak. *rolls eyes* Well eventhough Spore is like a channel away from us, I see that the cultural differences are vast.

Other than that, let's talk about the people in Singapore. i can't really say much since i don't really live here and i have only interacted with the Church breathen. So i can only speak of those whom i've talked with, which are mainly youths. Fact : Girls in Singapore can play L4D and DOTA. (thought they are not all that good) The youths in singapore, or should i say the Christian youths in singapore are very friendly. Maybe thats because I've met most of them in YDP already. YEAH most probally. But anyway, i would like to thank Jon Yang ( The coolest youth "adult" around), Ernest, Benjamin, Alan, Justin, err..i forgot his name again, Sharyl(i now know this is the right spelling), Ser Ern (super pro chef at Sakuraa! Hopefully XD)  and Eliza(one of the 'best' L4D2 players i hv ever met) for sacrificing their time to take us around last Saturday. Will blog about that later.

This is just a short post on my life in Singapore. Will post a more detailed version after I (regretfully) return to Malaysia next month.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Education Fair

Yesterday, Yee Chang, my mom and myself took a bus up to KL for the Star Education Fair held at KLCC. We took the 7.00am bus and reached Puduraya at 9.20am. Puduraya was dirty, smelly and polluted as usual. We then walked to the Masjid Jamek LRT station and took a LRT to KL Central. And from there we went to The Loft and the 19th floor. Sound familiar to you Andre and Kin Mun?

Yep, its the very same place we stayed when we went to do dealings where "ta jia dou shi hua ren". The house, where the only entertainment was watching the clock. This time when we went, the owners of the house Ir. Dr. Ong Chin Chai, his wife Irene Ong and daughter Debbie were staying there. And I'm sad to say that the clock is no more.

The famous clock

But now, the clock is no more. and in its place A FULL HD LG TV together with A HOME THEATER SYSTEM!!!

And now instead of the Stress-O-Releaser that Andre wore on his head,

We now have, Kekule and the Benzene Ring!

After chilling at his house for a while, We and Debbie headed for KLCC. Where we found out how Australians call people.

Fact : Debbie has been studing in Australia for about 8 years or so.

Malaysian way of calling a person : Oii!
Australian way of calling a person : (whisper) err...emm...emm...

Conclusion : When you want to call a person, the Malaysian way is still the best. Oii!

We then headed to the fair to check out the booths, Debbie wanted to shop, so she left us. The fair was huge! The booths were very creatively designed and very colourful. And the place was full. Alvin went there intending to ask about accounting and me to find out more about the Taylor's Engineering Course. After walking around and talking to the various colleges i find that Engineering is still the best option for me, wherelse Alvin after listing to the counsellors decided that accounting is not the route for him and decided that buisness management was the path for him.

We then went to listen to the talk on resession proff jobs. And believe it or not, the tree resession proof jobs that were presented that day was, the policeforce, hairdressing and DJ-ing. However out of these 3, the guy that gave the talk on Hairdressing, Mr Charles something, was the most convincing. He actually talked sense. "Everybody needs a haircut, who ever you are boy or girl. Even the one with no hair take care of their hair, in fact they spend more time on their no hair than people with hair! so i would say that yes, hairdressing is a resession proof job" From the way he talked I could see that he really had passion for his job. For finally at the end of the day, it all boils down to passion. Working with no passion will earn you the money but not the satisfication. And without that one cannot rise. One must have a true passion for his job, then no challenge will be a challenge cause no challege will seem impossible to you.

After that we went to eat lunch at manhatten fish market where i ate dory fish in garlic butter. then we went back to hall where this time Sunny Yee was giving a talk for Physic and Add maths. Very good. Then later was was the talk on engineering. All the speakers were doctrates, on in Chemical, one in Electrical and Electronic and the other in Mechanical engineering. And all chinese. Yeah Chinamen rock!

The talks were very informative, esp the last one. He talked about how engineers make the world spin and that we would all be living in the stone age if not for engineers. He said that engineering is a very stressful but very rewarding profession. Statistics show that an 30 year old engineer earns about 250K a year. And according to him once you reach 50 years of age, you will be earning MILLIONS a year. He ended with a satement :

The antelope wakes up every morning knowing it has to out run the fastest lion to survive.
The lion wakes up every morning knowing it has to outrun the slowest antelop to survive.
Therefore, it doesn't matter whether your an antelop or a lion.
When the sun is up, You better start running!

antelope = you
lion = competitor

I learnt a lot during the Edu fair, and am now more focused in my future career path. Now all i can do is submit my plans to the Lord and continue living my life.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1st post of 2010

Well the title says it all, the 1st post of 2010.

 Last year was stressful, not as stressful as i anticipated, but still stressful. Studying for SPM was by far the exam i studied for the most. Before the SPM fever kicked in, studying for Sejarah was a far off dream, but when the fever started it was Sejarah everyday. I think that on the day of the Sejarah exam, it was the only time I and a few other classmates actually had a discussion about Sejarah. We actually sat there and shot each other with Sej facts for an whole hour. A rare phenomenon that will only happen once in a lifetime. Because now as I step into 2010, a single fact resounds loudly in my mind. Sejarah is no more.

A new year, a new begining. New choices, new people, new surrounding and new pain.

This year will be a turning point in my life. It's time to leave the nest and face the world. Cause this year, I start college.

The thing is I will be enrolling in 2 colleges this year. Sounds impossible huh? But its true. 1st i will be going to Fourseas Bible College in Jurong, Singapore to learn the wise ways of the Bible, the best selling, ultimate life book in the whole wide world. Then, after my SPM results are out, and if I get a PSD(JPA) scholarship, i go to whichever college they send me to. Otherwise, its Taylors Lakeside Campus for me.

So I'll be heading over to Singapore, if God wills, on the 17th and stay till 7th February when I'll come back for CNY. After if all goes well, I will be going back to Fourseas until the SPM results are out and see how the road twists after that.

In an unassociated event, I now have bling on my teeth. Metal in my mouth, and it ain't comfortable. Just had it installed today and surprisingly I am not in pain. It had always been a mystery to me how they install those studded metal pices on one's teeth, and now I have firsthand knowledge on the matter. The metal pieces are actually "glued" using some special adhesive to the teeth, then a thin metal wire is inserted between the spaces on the metal to pull the teeth together. The whole process does not involve and injections or anestetic as there will be no contact with the gums. Therefore, the whole procedure was painless. They even let you chose the colour of the pads holding the wire in place. As a true orange fan, I chose orange. So now i have orangey metal studs on my teeth. The upper row at least. The lower row will be done after a month.

I don't noe how true it is but some of my friends said that they can't eat after they had their braces done. i don't noe whether the can't or they're not supposed to, but for me, I feel no pain. Only a slight uncomfortableness due to the extra mass in my mouth. Furthermore, it crab for dinner today. So it's bon appetit for me!!