Sunday, March 6, 2011

35th INTIMA Council Camp

Venue : Awana Genting
Date : 25-27 February 2011

Why do we go to schools, colleges, universities or learning institutions? Is it to study and get good results? Learn a trade? Meet people? My ex-principal once said, “Boys, you come to school to learn how to be human. We don’t want students who just know how to solve difficult problems, or know every formula in the text book, for then you’ll just be robots, processing what we feed you. No, you come to school to learn how to be humans.” By being humans he meant honing the social and personality aspect of a person, making them humans that are not socially awkward. The 35th INTIMA Council Camp did just that.

When I first stepped on that bus that was to take us to the camp venue, Awana Genting, I only knew about a handful of people on that bus. Everybody was still sticking to their comfort zones, not mingling around much. However, as soon as we reached Awana Genting and were separated into groups, it began, 3 days and 2 nights of laughter, joy and mindless fun.

The participants were separated into 6 groups, with 2 groups sharing a villa. Well I can’t speak for the other villas, but the people in my villa, crazy! After a round of what’s your name, programme and crap, it was like we knew each other for years. We were singing together, sharing dumb stories, and poking fun at each other. Talk about super glue bonding!!

Soon we were called out for some games the INTIMA committee had prepared for us. So we all headed out to the field for a game of Pass the Poison Parcel. Basically the game involved us passing a big paper ball to the music. When the music stopped the person holding it at the time had to tear out the top layer where there will be either a task (usually humiliating) or a reward (probably something they bought at the dollar store XD). Some of the tasks were, Dance like Michael Jackson, Propose to a guy/girl, Act like a bodybuilder and Act like Justin Bieber(Oh the HORROR!) The other game they prepared didn’t actually have a name, but involved a lot of running, chasing ALEX TAN, more running and tackling random guys.

Being a low budget camp, the INTIMA council cooked for us. So for the 1st night we had spaghetti which tasted strangely like porridge. After dinner, each team was told to come up with a team name, cheer and performances. My team choose the name Neon Beams due to the yellow neon lanyards that we had. Then after a lot of brainstorming and nonsense talking, we finally came up with a yell at 12.30am. What happened next was phenomenal. Imagine a bunch a people suddenly storming into your room in the middle of the night and shouting some incomprehensible gibberish straight to your face, for that was exactly what we did. Epic times.

The next day was filled with activities. The day started off with a serving of a very flavorful Maggie mee by the committees. We then proceeded to First World Hotel and Resort by cable car for a game of Genting Bingo. Basically we were handed a piece of paper with 9 pictures on it and had to find each one of them. Simple enough except that halfway through the game we were told that “A new challenge had arrived!” We now also had to find Mr. Asnol and Aaron from INTIMA who were hidden somewhere in the wide expanse of First World. It was then that our evil minds started to work and we hatched a devious plan to lure Mr. Asnol and Aaron out. Well after a lot of phone calls, gunfights and a few hostages later, we managed to get Mr. Asnol to meet us at McD. Sadly we were told that the other teams had already beaten us to it and we were one of the last to find him. So much for our great plan….. L After lunch at the restaurants around there we headed back to Awana Genting to prepare for the group performances and barbeque later.

The group performances were very entertaining. All the groups did something musically based, which songs involved throwing teams off mountains, catching grenades, jumping in front of trains and low hanging boobs??

After a round of laughter we started the barbeque. The barbeque produced it’s fill of smoke, fire and carbonated sausages. Overall we had fun time barbequing fishballs, sausages and wings. At one point there were so much leftover fishballs that someone actually suggested that we spray the balls white and dump them at the golf course.

The night then passed with a lot of talking, singing and dancing. There was this time when the song “Tong Hua” came up on the mp3 and everybody in the room suddenly started to sing along! Wow!

All good things have to come to and end and soon it was time to start packing and leave. Overall it was a wonderful camp, I made a lot of new friends and bonded really well with them. As one of my roommates said, “We came as strangers and now we’re leaving as family”. This year’s INTIMA camp really met it’s mark of bringing the members of the various clubs of INTI together. Kudos to the committees for a job well done. I will always remember this camp.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


After 3 to 4 days of rain and gloomy weather, finally the sun is up.
Since it is up, it must also go down. Here are some pictures I took of the sunset from the Malacca Jetty.
Pictures are non-edited.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rainy Days

Puddle, puddle everywhere...
Recently it has not stopped raining. Malacca and the rest of east Malaysia has been hit by downpours that are not supposed to be there and with it a lot of water. It's gonna be a damp CNY this year.

On days like this, all you want to get on a lazy chair or bed, and sleep....z Z Z Z

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I need a camera!!


I can't keep on missing a chance to document all those epic moments.

: (

Alright it's decided, by this time next month, I will get a camera!!! BANKAI!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whoa! It's 2011 already?

Was I that immersed in gaming and slacking that I was ignorant of the change of years? Although I do remember going to Jonker's on a Friday night and counting down to something while watching drunken people dancing on tables...

Like the title suggests, it's 2011 already. In just a snap of a finger, 2010 has passed and with it a year's worth of memories.

Last year was a big year for me. It was the year when I officially graduated from secondary school boy to college nerd. Now as I think back upon all what happened for the past few month, I'm gripped by a sudden urge to write about the events that have made a great impact on me and also about the other things that made 2010 such a wonderful year. Starting with...


I attended 2 colleges last year. Fourseas Bible College, Singapore and Inti College, Subang. Starting with Fourseas Bible College, I would say that those 6 weeks that I spent in Singapore was one of the highlights of the year. Singapore blew my mind away. Everything about it, the infrastructure, the cleanliness, the people, the education system, the non-hawker food, amazing! It was during those 6 weeks that I decided that I would do all that was in my power to get a place at NUS or NTU. Other than that, studying at Fourseas opened my eyes and further enriched my knowledge of the Bible. Without Fourseas I would never have known about the anthropological argument or the cosmological argument or have a clearer understanding of Pre-Millennialism. Furthermore the fellowship that we had with the brethren there, priceless. I would never forget that time when we went cycling at ECP or all those trips we had from The church building to the Lakeside MRT station or the lectures, lecturers and students at Fourseas. The Fourseas Singapore Experience was truly one that I'll always keep close to my heart.

Inti College. I enrolled myself at Inti Subang for the July Cambrige A-Level intake and have studied there since. A-Levels came with its share of stress, laughter, dissapointments and achievements. Throughtout the 6 months that I have studies, I have made plenty of new friends, all unique in their own ways. Friends who have made an impact on my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of the craziest class of the July A-lvl intake, JUS 1. As a class that never had a dull moment, we just charged through those 6 months with laughter, joy and a perpetual sugar rush. As I think back, I'm filled with fond memories of the time after our Chemistry presentation, Halloween Night, The Bill Clinton Talk, the Scholarship Awards Ceremony and the events that took place after our final semester exams. Now as we step into a new semester, I hope that this sem will continue to be as awesome.


It's moments like these that I'll always keep in my heart


Toy Story 3

Family Movie of the YEAR. A 5 star plot and a fitting ending to the Toy Story Series.


A movie that was beyond awesome. It blew my mind away. Hope to see more movies like this this year.

Games that I played

Plants vs. Zombies

Devil May Cry 4

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy X-2

Assassin's Creed


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

9 games when I was supposed to be studying. I've been a bad, bad boy. XD



What to expect this year

You know what, I have a feeling that this year is gonna be a stressful one.