Saturday, July 24, 2010

Faces of ICSJ

1. Joshua Fernandez

The gentleman on the far left. A Klang-ite and Bryant Lee's ex-classmate from La Salle Klang A crazy dude. Joshua is the kind of guy that you just can't help liking. The life of our little group and has a joke for every situation. He also does very good impersonations of our teachers which always leaves us laughing hard. However, through a sad turn of timetables we were allocated different classes. I'm in JUS1 where else he, in JUS2.

2. Tur Chin Hua

Also a Klang-ite and Bryant Lee's ex-classmate from La Salle Klang. On 1st impression he looks like a typical Chinese guy eating noodles. When you look closer, you find out that, he is still a typical Chinese guy eating noodles. Excellent at maths and memorizing, and is also rumored to be a pro at Chemistry.

3. Avinash Jey

A guy from Pahang. Met him during orientation and kinda kicked off from there. Stays at Subang Avenue and is currently in the same class as I am.

4. Andrea Lau

A girl from Kuching, Sarawak. She is in A-Levels Arts doing Law. Met her during orientation. According to her a lot of people from Sarawak come to the Subang area to further their studies. Apparently, the colleges and universities in Sarawak are lousy..... A sweet girl who hangs out with us during lunch, cause according to her, quote unquote "All the fun people are in Science". I have no reason not to disagree. XD

5. Arhwin

Arhvin joined the May intake so he has finished his Malaysian Studies and Moral. An avid reader and a fellow Lassalian from La Salle PJ. But the thing that makes Arvin unique is....

6. Ashwin

.....that he has a clone named Ashwin. I don't know what it is, but there something about parents and twins and name that sound so similar that can't be avoided. Don't they ever think that it will be harder for other people to decipher who's who? Also an avid reader and like his brother, a very outspoken person. Well, that is a trait of Lassalian students..... The only way to tell them apart is their hairstyle, and then they had to go cut it. Great.

7. Kar Yan

The woman on the right. A native Subang person and maths queen. Was trained in the ancient art of mathematical dominance since the age of 3. Not much is know about her yet, but time shall tell.

8. Calvin Ng

As hard to believe as it may seem, this macho, terminator looking guy is the class joker. He is the guy who makes JUS1, JUS1. Seriously the class would be boring without him. Together with Dennis, he can make any boring class fun. Also has an ongoing feud with Eugene. 

More faces of ICSJ on the next post!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

At the varsity

Being true to my incomplete name and nature, the post on June Camp shall forever remain incomplete. Contrary to what people may thing, being incomplete is not something that is easy to become. It actually requires SKILL. XD

All that aside, it has already been a week since I furled in my sails and dropped anchor at Subang Jaya, Selangor. 7 days since I left the comfort of my Malacca home and the good food that resides there. 168 hours since I started my journey through college and 10080 minutes of living alone in my own room. And i have to say that until now I have no complaints about my new way of living.

Now 10 facts about me and my new college :

1. My college is situated right bang in the middle of a food hub. You'll never go hungry again.
2. My lecturers are all Indian.
3. My physics lecturer brought a projectile launcher that shoots apples and potatoes to my class on the second day. It uses a valve and a canister of compressed air to work. Gonna try it out next week, YEAH!
4. I found out that nothing can move faster than light, even if your traveling at the speed of light, you still cannot go faster than light.
5. My maths lecturer recommends a book to us every class without fail.
6. My chemistry lecturer sounds like he's from India.
7. I was psyco-ed to buy original textbooks.
8. I currently hate Paul the octopus. But I'm going to be a hypocrite and wait till the finals to decide whether Paul is suited for the fire pot or for the aquarium.
9. It only takes 20 minutes for me to walk from my house to Sunway College. (And I didn't even sweat)
10. I still have no internet at home. (Infiltrated Sunway College and am blogging from the library there)

Next Post : My new Dudes and Dudettes!