Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is what happens.....

....when you have nothing to do.

The stunt in the following footage was performed by a professional retard.
Please do not attempt this unless you wish to become one.


Gratitude goes to Jameson Liu for taking this video. YEAH MAN!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

13th Franciscan Prefectorial Board Leadership Convention 2009

Prefect Camp rocked!!!

After 3 years of being a participant, I finally get to be a committee!!! YEAH MAN!!

We seriously had a good time. All that hard work paid off. Just organising the camp took us 2 months. Settling the accomadation, the shirts, the program books, the schedules, the videos......

The video was kinda last minute. For those who are wondering what video i'm talking about, we the commitees of the prefects camp decidd to make a video on the rules of the camp.... just in case the participants were too busy to read the rules in the book....

Here's a link to the video.

And here is a picture of this years camp shirt. In my 5 years as a prefect, this is the best shirt I've ever seen. Thanks goes to Lee Kin Mun for designing this AWSOME shirt!!!

THe camp started with us presenting the video to the participants. The conference hall was filled with laughter as the video was played. We then proceded to the 1st base games. I was not in charge of any base so i walked around and took pictures. At least until i got bored and jumped into the pool........ Tried to do some backflips but it didn't go so well.....=)

After dinner we had two sessions, one was by Mdm. Vivienne Chong and the other by Mr. Ong.

The next day we had more base games and more sessions. But the highlight of day 2 was the night hike or should i say night climb. You see, we went to a resort that had a history. (no need to explain further) So we freaked the juniors out with creepy stories regarding the resort and made the climb up the stair to the unused floors of the hotel. And the best part was , most of those rooms were either barred with double locks and grils or were half open. We the committes had a wonderful time scaring the juniors. LOL

The 3rd day we had sessions again and the group photo.

I won't post pics in this post (just the group ones)., cause i hv more than 300 pics of the camp in my possesion and am lazy to sort through them.

Im the freak with the tie

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Evaluation of Territory (6 March 2009)

Okay so today was the day the commitees were going to check out the location of the 13th Prefects Convention 2009. One thing is for sure, for me it was just not just checking out the site but also a crazily tiring maraton. Let me break down what happend on that day.

Went to school. Everybody was still unsure about how to go to the site. We had 3 cars going. Hui Jies car, Wee Kem's car, and Hui Sin's car. After a lot of discussions and contemplations, we finnaly managed to fit in everybody into the 3 cars. Well, almost everybody. Some didn't want to go and 2 jokers had to stay back for their campfire meeting. All the same everybody managed to find transport to the campsite.

Now the convention chairman, Wee Jin, and me decided to be a little bit different. We decided that since we are going to the campsite and have no transport, we were going to undergo some endurance training. We decided to cycle to the campsite. And where is the campsite? Tanjung Kling, Pantai Puteri, Klebang Besar. The exact name of the site is Bidara Puteri Beach Resort.

So these 2 iron men here left for the resort at 1.00pm. We started our adventure from Wee Jin's house in Tengkera. So we cycled. Me in full cycling gear and Wee Jin in prefects uniform. Complete with tie, nametag and tie pin. So there we cycled, past klebang beach, past everly resort, past the melaka club and finally after 1 hour and 15 minutes we reached Bidara Puteri Resort.


So everyone was already there and was waiting for us. (Obviously). we then proceded to check out the site. The rooms was okay. Quite satisfactory. Bottomline is, Its habitable.

Spotted two lovebirds having a date while we were upstairs checking out the rooms. Check this out. =D

Okay after that we went to check out brother's bungalow which was a stone's throw away from the site. Hers's just a few pictures i took as we were going there.

Going up to Brother's Bungalow

Eugene carrying Sebastian LOL!

Found out that the Brother's Bungalow was being guarded by the Elite Canine Squad. So no hope for using that area.

We then proceded to other stuff like stare at the ocean while emo-ing.....

Sorry Alvin!!

.....and other stuff that i cannot disclose at this moment.

We left the camp site at about 4.30pm. But i hanged around for a while and took some of these pictures.

It speaks for itself.

When the sea howls its rage, even the strongest cannot stand in its way.

So after doing some nonsence, i started the long journey back. Wee Jin had left earlier, so it was just me and my lowly bike.

Here's a pic i took while cycling.

The Road Not Taken

Since it was still bright, i decided to do some visitation. 1st i went to Joel Chua's house. Found a shopping cart outside his house. (Not his doing).

Typical Malaysian Mentality

Then i went to Daniel Tan's house. His house is opposite where klebang beach used to be. Then he showed me Alvin Lau's house which was diagionaly behind his. Didn't kacau Alvin though. Was scared that he would eat me...(LOL)

After that i went (with Daniel's guidance) to Gavin Yeo's house. I think his dog loves me. As soon as it saw me it stared barking. Yup, a definite sign of Love, don't you think?? =P Well anway, I went to his house to extort something he owes me from him. Sadly he was not there, so I made his brother give it to me.

Then i went home. And the 1st thing i did was buy a slurpee to chill out at home. I tell u that slurpee felt like heaven. This was around 6.30pm.

Had pizza for dinner that night. YEAH MAN!! Delivery. Then i made an interesting discovery while i was eating. I happened to glance at my arms. (I took out my shirt at that time) My arms had 2 colours. the part that was exposed to the sun during my journey to the site was a dark brown, while the covered part was a light yellow. THAT WAS SO COOL MAN!! Here's a pic of my arm, the others were too obseen. LOL

Note : This picture has not been photoshoped. It is 100% tulen.

So thats it. A eventful and exicting day indeed!!!