Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Golden Opportunity Seized

Like I said in the earlier post, I will be going to the zoo. The reason it being so great is that I went with the Exchange Student's from Japan and Indonesia. WOOHOO!

So we were to meet at the zoo at 9am. I together with Yee Chang had no transport so we had to follow Wee Jin. Wee in told me to be ready by 8, but he only came at 8.30. no matter, as long as we made it to the zoo I'm happy.

We reached the zoo and met up with the last year's KAYAF troupe, together with some form 4's and of coarse the Japanese and Indonesian students. Very Nice!

After paying the ticket fee, which was RM5 (I'm a Malaysian student, don't i get a discount?) we proceeded to conquer the zoo.

The 1st animal we saw was an small alligator. I don't think the jap's have gone to a zoo before cause that together with every animal they saw were 'ka-wa-i'. Everything! The birds, the monkeys....LOL

After walking around looking at animals, watching zebra's fight and rhino's rampage, not to mention Jackson's hand being licked "clean" by a pony we proceeded to the performance area.

Jackson's friend the pony

Someone got bored and decided to give a pre-performance...

Anyway, the performance was quite decent, but since i watched it before it was not that exciting.

But for the Jap's everything was "su-geh!". They were watching the whole show with their mouths open. Especially when the orang utan came out.....

After that we continued our tour of the zoo. Saw animals,

more animals,

and even more animals.

Eventually we got bored and started taking photos. Ahem....

From left : Mina, Yuri, Yukiko

Wee Jin, Koyo, Me

Me & Hiro

Back : Kin Mun. Kurumi, Bok, Yee Chang
Front: Risa, Yuri, Kaho, Me

The exchange students then wanted to go for the elephant ride. Probally never seen a live elephant in their lives, with the exception of the Indonesian students....

The fun was at the tiger and lion pens. The area was seperated by electric fences. Some of us got couragous and decided to......

Ever gone on a tram ride? It boring and bumby and people hardy talk. Anyway Koyo was sitting next to me so i striked up a conversation by asking him about anime. Seemed that he was a fan of naruto.(i have a feeling that all japanese are...) So i whipped out my hp and played some of the opening theme songs. To my suprise he got so excited that he started singing along! He even nudged Kurumi who was sitting in front and then she joined in too! Damn! Anime connects! They were singing to all the songs that i was playing. WOW! But they seemed suprised that I had anime songs in my hp. Kurumi was like "sugeh!" ever time i switched a song. Is it so suprising that a Malaysian listens to anime songs? I mean they listen to English songs......

Then it started to rain. So sad. So we took refuge under the shelter near the entrance. There we started talking with the other Jap's mainly Kaho and Hiroe. Found out that Hiro was a player of Final Fantasy 12. She even asked me what was my fav character which was most definantly Baltheir. When i told her that I had played for 120 hours and still not yet finished the game she just giggled. (no idea what that means) Also found out the Kaho was a fan of gundam and her fav anime was Reborn. Oh yeah! Anime AND rpg's connect!

Sheltering from the rain

One thing i noticed, there was a clear line between the Jap's and Indon's. It was like we were giving the most attention to the Jap's. (Which is true). Well, the Bible said that man cannot serve to masters. Either he loves one and hate's the other, or hates one and loves the other. Once again the words of the Bible are proven to be consistent and true.

Well it was tiring walking around for 3 hours in the zoo, and our tummies were starting to rumble. It was decided that we(the form 5's) take the Jap's out for lunch. The Indonesian's had their own agenda. So we decided to take them to a restorant in Dataran Pahlawan. Where i found out the Yukiko was a big fan of Michael Jackson. Anime, Rpg's AND music connect.

From left : Kin Mun, Koyo Ulema, Yee Chang, Kye Sheng, Bok Chek Wai, Hiro, Jin Yoong, Mina Nishinohara, Sang Huat, Yukiko Hayami

From left : Wee Kem, Jackson, Yuri, Risa Kawabata, Kaho Horikiri, Kurumi Maezono, Joel Yong, Wen Hao, Alvin Poh, Wee Jin

After lunch they wanted to but some souviners. So we took them to the Heritage Bazaar. Yukiko wanted to buy some shirts for her sisters and some of then wanted batik handkerchiefs. Well they shopped and shopped till they dropped. And we tagged along and helped to haggle.

Then came the hard part. The goodbye. For Yee Chang, Wee Jin and Me. The KAYAF had special privillages. They were still going for the farewell dinner. I'm not jealous. (DAMN YOU KAYAF troupe!!!) But for me it would be last time seeing them. Haiz.... So sad, so sad, so sad.

Now the inner flame within me is burning brighter. My will to go to Japan is stronger. I will and i must go to Japan!

But first I have to make sure that I know people there when i go. So what should I say when i email them...HMM....
(pictures can be clicked to be enlarged)

Friday, August 21, 2009

For once I'm glad I didn't ponteng school

Oh yeah! One cannot be more happy. I'm actually glad that I didn't ponteng school today. And do you know why?

But before I can tell you, let me give you a brief introduction.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A group of Japanese and Indonesian students came to our school for a student exchange programme. It's a yearly event between my school, SFI and the schools from Kagoshima, Japan. So this year they came again, but this time the Idon's from Palembang decided to come too. So we had two countries having an exchange programme with us.

They arrived at 3.00pm that day. I had already gone home but my brother was part of the welcoming committee. He had the privilege of following them on the river cruise cause he was part of the videography team of the school.

But anyhow, Japanese Girls! WooHoo!

The next day, Thursday. The school had a welcoming ceremony for the exchange students. The great thing was, the Japs and Indons were siting right beside me throughout the whole assembly. WooHoo! Lucky! The SFI students put up some performances for them. Pretty lame.... Then it was their turn. The japs did a traditional rice festival dance (which was the same song they danced to last year) But who cares? As long as their Japs, I like. LOL.

The Indons were next, their dance was more synchronised and nice. And I have to say that they're not bad.....

So just like all the years, I watch the performance, go back to class and discard any hopes for meeting them.


This year was different, I vowed to myself to get the exchange students contacts before Friday was over, or my name was not Jonah See Siou-Qing.

So started my mission.

The next day, Friday, today i went to school earlier than usual to catch the students before classes started. I went to the canteen but the Japs were not there. Only the Indons were at sight. So i fixed my cross hairs on them, took my trusty notebook and went to talk to them. It started i bit bumpy but eventually I managed to get then to write their contacts in my notebook and got to know more about then too. LUCKY!

It was nearing the time for the school bell to ring and still no sight of the Japs. So i regretfully went to line up at my class. That's when i found out that the exchange students including the japs will be coming to my class. DOUBLE LUCKY!!

But my happiness was broken by the voice of the Head Prefect asking the form 5 prefect to gather in front pf the prefect room. Nooooooooo!!!!!!! Do not take my golden opportunity from me!!! I even got my camera ready!

Thankfully, all he wanted was to check our bags. Orders from Mr. Lim and the Black Dog. Well they couldn't resist giving us a 10 min lecture although it felt like half an hour.... After that we rushed back to class. Seriously, all Form 5 prefects ran up the stairs back to class. With the exception of the ex-Head Prefect....

Oh ya did i mention that i got scolded for keeping long hair and my brother rampased my rubik's cube which was actually his in the first place?

At class, it was interaction time. i don't know how i did it but i managed to get the students contacts and a decent amount of pics. Maybe it was because I was talking about Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece which Kurumi Maezono(One of the Jap gals) was a huge fan of....... Yeah man.. Anime connects...

But the best is yet to come.

Tomorrow I will be going to the Zoo. Why is that so good you ask? Well stay tuned for my next blog post and you shall receive enlightenment....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When you have nothing better to do

You decide to blog about something,
But then you realise that you have nothing to blog about,
So you stare into the empty nothing-ness of your new post screen,
Seeking for inspiration that doesn't come.

Now you wonder to yourself,
Should I blog about something or nothing at all?
And you spend time pondering about something,
That wasn't even anything in the first place.

Therefore you decide to blog about something,
But at the same time nothing at all,
People ask "Is that even possible?",
You answer "If it isn't, what am I doing right now?."

Thus you have a blog post which is about something,
But at the same time nothing,
And when you have finished blogging,
You find that this is what happens (Read the title of this post)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The BK Quiz

Today I went for a Burger King quiz. We were blindfolded and given burgers to eat. Then we had to guess what was the name of that burger. Winners get free burgers for LIFE.


Today I went for a BK quiz. As in Bible Knowledge Quiz. It was held in SMK Assunta, Petaling Jaya which is a all girls school. The quiz was called the 13th National SPM Bible Knowledge Inter-School Quiz 2009.


We were supposed to be at the venue at 7.00. So I stayed over at Daniel Chia's house on Friday cause we had to leave Melaka by 5. We picked up Yee Chang and Francisco and left for PJ.

Obviously, we slept in the car. By the time we woke up we had already reached PJ.

Upon arrival we met up with the other BK students from Melaka who had followed Mrs. Isabella(our Bk teacher) in taxis. We registered and proceeded to see girls, i mean line up. We were assigned classes and went to take the 1st part of the quiz. The objective questions. There were 3 teams from Melaka

Team GB1 - Tze Shaun & Kae Lyn

Team SF1 - Yee Chang & Me

Team SF2 - Daniel Chia & Francisco

The objective question was a "breeze". GB1 got the highest of 71 points out of 80. SF1 - 60 points & SF2 - 54 points.

So we managed to qualify to next round.

And that were SF1 and 2 died, while GB1 soared. After lots of making fun of GB1 and almost making Kae Lyn cry, (XD Sorry..) GB1 continued to the next round.

They managed to make it to the finals, where they got 3rd for the whole competition.

But we didn't come back empty handed all of us got state trophies. My team got bronze, daniel's - silver, and Tze Shaun gold.

This is the 1st time Melaka has won so many awards for the national bible quiz. Not to mention that Johannan got 6th place for the individual category and Sarah Jane Ho from St. Davids got 1st.

SO... its time for celebration!


PIctures of the BK quiz

The theme for the quiz

Shaun's gay face

The quiz masters

Just chilling

The participants chilling out

The contestants

No idea who she is but I love people like this. So sporting.
Anybody have any idea who she is? XD

Our beautiful marks

Shaun and Kae Lyn's marks. (Curses!) XD

The shortlisted preparing themselves

Getting ready for the semi-finals

Our very own knight in shinning armour

The trophies!!

The final round in progress

Winners! 3rd place

The champion school team celebrating

Our champion team

Lunch at Ipoh Chicken Rice shop