Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I was up to these past few days

Friday, 10th December 2010

The day exams ended. Went to Yuen steamboat to eat. This marked to start of the eating spree.

Saturday, 11th December 2010

Went to the KL Motor Show and saw beautiful cars and girls.
Took the 6.30pm bus back to Malacca.
Joined my primary schoolmates and form teacher, Ms. Lee in karaoke. Missed the steamboat dinner where most of primary schoolmates attended. Aww Shucks!

Sunday, 12th December

My friends from Subang came down for a trip to Malacca. 10 of them came in total. 1st thing to do was to bring them for Chicken Rice Balls! Then for dinner we had Pak Putra's naan. After that we left for Jonker Street for the weekend flea market. Spent at least 2 and a half hours shopping and posing there.

Monday, 13th December

Woke up at 11am. All of us did, so we had a baba nyonya brunch at The Peranakan House. Then we proceded to the Stadhuys for some more posing and exploring. I then took them to Dataran Pahlawan, where we split. Some went for a movie, whilst some shopped. For dinner, it was the famous Capitol Satay Celup. They all loved it! My table personally finished 116 sticks! After that some of us cycled to the nearby "beach" where various incidents happened. Sadly i cannot disclose what happen since i'm sworn to secrecy to a puppy. XD had supper at Restoran Asam Pedas TKL, where my friends realized exactly how cheap Malaccan food is...

Tuesday, 14th December

My friends left back for Subang on the 3pm bus. But not before they ate at the Wan Tan Mee store near my house. Not exactly the best WTM in town, but good all the same. The rest of the day passed like normal. Eating, sleeping, playing Transformers : War for Cybertron...

Wednesday, 15th December

Woke up at 12noon. AWESOME! Drank a cup of milo and got on my bike and rushed to DP where we me and Vincent was supposed to meet up with the SFI gang. Had lunch at US Pizza and the proceeded to watch The Social Network. Seriously, after that movie, logging on to Facebook never seemed the same again. After that, Goh wanted to try out the newly opened ChicKing, so we had our pre-dinner there. Err, nothing can be said about the quality of the food. It was decided that we go for satay celup for dinner. Since I alrd had satay celup, Vincent and I cycled under the rain back home where we had dinner. Then we drove to McQueks Satay Celup and join them again! After that it was jetty and pool!!!

The past few days have been intense!!! and this is just the warm up, its just gonna get better and better! WOOHOO!! IT"S GREAT TO BE HOME!!!

Tomorrow, its dim sum for breakfast! (If we wake up early), then Tron, then whatever else!! Oh yeah!