Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Rubik's 360

The Rubik's 360

I just found out about it. It was actually released on the 5th of February 2009. Looks cool.

This will be one of my after SPM conquests. YEAH!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Looking at my watch, i realised that my blog was outdated. So to prevent it from becoming ancient, I'm posting this post.

The day after the trial were over, i went for my driving exam, Well i failed bahagian 3(on the road) and passed bahagian 2(circuit). So i was stressed, and was not feeling all that confident. The problem with the driving exam is that even though ur sure you didn't make any mistakes, the final decision in not in your hands. It all depends on that guy holding the clipboard next to you. Its not like an exam where you prepare or study like crazy and then go for the exam knowing that if you fail it is very well you own fault. That is not the case for driving. For driving it depends on the examiner.

Taking about examiners, we can categorise them into two. The ones that look for mistakes and the ones that gives chances. The ones that look for mistakes basically fails you for every small mistake you make. The latter are the ones who understand that it is normal for people to make mistakes and gives chances with wisdom. These are the people who fail you only if you have clearly crossed the line.

Then, there is also the question about the under counter transactions. I find it intriguing that the package is passed to your driving instructor but then magically reaches the examiners pocket. Most people say that if you don't go through this little process, you are doomed to fail. The truth is, that's a myth. I can vouch for that. I personally didn't go through that rite of passage. Yes i failed my 1st attempt, but that was because of my own wrong and i take full responsibility for it. Well i took it again today and i passed. WITHOUT ANY DOUGH INVOLVED. Then there is also the saying that IF you GO THROUGH that rite, you will SURELY pass. Again a myth. I personally know a friend who when through with it and FAILED. In my opinion, going through with that rite is just to give you a boost of confidence. Usually increasing it by 80%, to making passing easier. Since there is no chance for the dough to be passed during the exam and you yourself do not handle it, I find myself wondering how it happens. You cannot choose your examiner, and unless your driving instructor has the gift of foresight(which does not exist in this age nor in the ages to come), there is no way to predict who will be testing you.

So being a man of God and science, I did not go through that rite because it went against my beliefs and also after reaching this hypothesis :
If there is apparently no way to choose your driving examiner, and since you instructor does not have the gift of foresight, the packet of dough that you give does not in fact reach the examiner.
Therefore, there can only be one explanation.

That packet of dough that was given out of nervousness, entered your instructors pocket.

I am further convinced that my hypothesis is true, when my friends uncle who works at the official driving school, told us that it was not necessary to 'go through with it'. And true enough my friend passed. However, i have my reservations on that matter.

In conclusion, as long as you have confidence and do not give the examiner reason to mark you wrong, you will pass. However i will admit that there are 2 parts where they will mark you wrong at the slightest indication, (the mirror and the signal lights). Well, you will just have to be extra careful not to make anymore mistakes. My advice, don't give the dough, trust yourself, have confidence in yourself and you will be able to go through this ordeal.

In an unassociated event, I got a new watch. A K-Swiss Classic 507.

And I love it. Simply because it has orange hands on a black dial.
And nothing is more beautiful than orange and black together with white.