Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music to my Ears

I was sitting around in my computer room when i noticed a pair of new speakers that i had never used before. Rather than letting lie there and collect dust, i decided to give my study table a new accessory. This is the new look of my table.

Pretty Cool huh?

Now, together with my Sony Erriccson handphone, I can enjoy the beautiful sound of music when I am studying.

(that is until my mom yells at me to turn the music down XD)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Down and Dirty

Boys will be boys. We can't help it and we won't stop being it.

11 July 2009

We have done it again. A 50km bike ride around Melaka, and another bike expedition under my belt. This trip makes the number of my long distance bike trips to a 7. But this time it was bigger, better and longer.

8 of us gathered that morning at the Ujong Pasir Petronas which marked the start of our eventful trip. Though there were dark clouds in the air and rain pelting down, our spirits were not dampened. We took off at approx. 9am and began cycling towards the unknown. 6 mountains, 1 road and 1 'ah soh'. 5 Rock Bike helmets, 1 turtle shell helmet and 2 caps.

We cycled forward in the rain, 'drinking' the water from the bike in front of us and spraying the ones behind us. The rain continued to fall and we cycled for 45 mins until we reached the Ozana residential district. There, we took a break to regain our stamina and carbs.

By 10am we reached the Ayer Keroh Petronas and met up with the the other mountain. Increasing our number to 9.

We then headed towards the real challenge for that day, THE JUNGLE OFF ROAD TRAIL.

As we neared the entrance of the trail, shouts of protest could be heard from the back and 2 left us. The 7 of us then mustered our courage and entred the dark depths of the jungle. [One of us decided that he wanted to seduce the wild hogs(female) in the jungle with his body]

We cycled through the rubber estate,

pass the banana plantation

and through the vegetable farm

until we finally reached the end of the road.

Not few of us had taken countless falls and had the wounds to prove it by the time we came out. These mighty men of valor and 1 'ah soh' did not give up but continued on. By the time we came out, we were smelly, dirty and tired.

Random butterfly
(Love this pic. I think the butterfly purposely sat there for me to take a pic. LOL)

We then cycled towards the meeting place to meet up with the 2 who left us. On the way, the road had a puncture. With the help of our leader, a spare tube and a bicycle pump from a nearby house, we managed to fix it.

Upon reaching the meeting place, we found that the road had punctured yet again. This time we used a repair kit to fix it. Some of us got impatient and decided to .......

Food is essential for survial, so the we left to find a place to eat. The road and the 2K mountain decided to leave us, so it was just the 7 of us. we then cycled all the way to Jusco and ate at Shakeys.

We finished our meal at about 2.30pm and then went our respective ways home.

From that day, we were known as......

From Left : Jonah, Eric, Kin Mun, Daniel, Kingsley, Xianyi, Alvin, Leroy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Terrorist ATTACK!

Smoke everywhere! Help! It's a terrorist attack!

The lone terrorist makes his appearence! Armed with his smoke gun.

Leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Jonah rushes to take down the terrorist!

(Due to extream blood and gore the following pictures have been removed)

The sky was painted red as a symbol of the horrific incidents that happened that day.