Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Trip

Friday was supposed to be the last day of the 1st school term, but me and my 2 friends decided to skip school on that day.


Because we were on a mission. A mission of upmost secreacy. A top profile assignment. Black Ops sort of thing. All Hush-Hush.

Since the mission is over, I can now disclose the details of the location of where the mission was carried out, but nothing more.

Mission Start!

We gathered at Melaka central at 0845 hours. The team consisted of CH3 toxic, Munnik, and The Incomplete Name. We boarded the bus to our destination, the site of our mission, Kuala Lumpur.

We arrived at Puduraya at 1200 hours. we then took the train from Plaza Rakyat to Masjid Jamek where we transited to the Kelana Jaya line and from there to Kl Central.

Keys to our residence was collected from a trusted source as planned. The directions to the residence given and followed. We arrived at a condominium lot just 5 minutes from the KL Central building.

But before we could enter we were blocked by a high security door system.

Using the magnetic key provided with the keys we opened the door and make our way to the 19th floor.

The loft that was to be our temproary residence was given the number A 19-07.

We opened the door. And this is what we saw.

Chilling on the sofa

The wierd thing was that where the tv was supposed to be, was the clock. So the only form of entertainment we had was to watch the clock. After setting down and stuff, we left the place at 1400 hours and went to KL Central for some lunch. Ended up eating at Subway. A worthwile meal. Haven't eaten Subway for about 4 years now.

After that we went back to the condo, and prepared ourselves for the start of the mission. We left at 1515 hours. Due to the secreacy, i cannot disclose the details of our mission, but i can say that the mission was a success and we completed it in 5 hours. We returned to KL Central had our dinner and went back to the condo to chill out and celebrate our success.

The Stress-O-Releaser

Wear it and this is what you will see

The next day we woke up at 0900 hours

Since the mission was now over and our return bus was only at 1830 hours, we had the whole day to waste. We had breakfast at a mamak down the road, and then left for KLCC. We hanged around there until 1400 hours, had lunch and returned to KL Central.

A funny thing happened while we returned though. From KLCC we bought a ticket to KL Central, as we were going to the platform, a train just arived. A certain person in his hurry and rush just ran straight into the train pulling the other guy along. But somebody had the sense to check the destination board and realise that it was the wrong train. But before he could tell them, the doors closed. He then boarded the RIGHT train to KL Central, and waited for certain "Smart People" to show their faces.

We then proceeded back to the condo, changed and jumped from the 19th floor straight down to the swimming pool on the 7th floor. We barely survived.


You know, that swimming pool has music? Stick your head in the water and you will be able to hear beautiful music. And I mean real music not some nonsense crap.

We went back after a 1 and a half hour swim. Returned to the condo, took a bath and after watching the clock for one last time, we left for home.

Boarded the bus at puduraya, and reached Malacca at 8.30.

Mission Accomplished!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My 1st attempt at photoshop

Okay, the exams are coming and I have been studying like mad.

So today i decided to de-stress a bit by trying out photoshop.

This is what i produced after 1 hour of editing.

Looks a bit like The Nitrates layout, since I used the same background.....

What to do, that background is nice....