Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Camp 2010 Part One

1st things 1st, I know I said that I would be blogging about Final Fantasy 7 in my next post, but due to circumstances when I suddenly found myself in Singapore the day after I finished the game and June Camp I cannot fulfill that promise. However something even better than ALL THE COMPUTER GAMES in the world has presented itself to me, and I couldn't help myself blogging about it. That right folks, its the Annual Lim Ah Pin COC June Camp!

For your information, I intentionally pang sei-ed (fang fei ji-ed) the Inter-congregational Camp held by Klang because as David Chua said, Luke 10:42. XD

So I left for Singapore last Saturday by bus and stayed at Ernest's home for two nights before the camp. Little did I expect that Ernest had a FULL HD 1080 TV at his house with a FULL 5.1 Surround Sound System plus a BlueRay Disc Player!!! Whoa! Shock! Enjoyed Die Hard 3 at his house, was totally and LITERALLY blown away by the explosions and crisp audio. 

On Sunday we all met at the petrol kiosk near the Church Building and started our journey towards Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort, Johor. Upon arrival, I finally realized why I paid $190 for the camp. The place was beautiful, magnificent, AWESOME! Something like A'Famosa resort except more well maintained. We had our 1st session immediately after arrival, which was a briefing on the camp's theme - Building a Stronger and Closer Family, by Uncle Tian Seng, Elder of LAP. Then a briefing on the rules of the camp by the Camp IC, The Awesome Isaac Chua. YEAH MAN! By that time, everybody was already getting hungry, esp Jon Yang, who kept complaining that he can't think when he was hungry.... so we proceeded to the Makan Area, where we were greeted by a awesome array of food! Chicken, Beef, Fish, Soup, Dessert, everything was delicious! Especially the beef. Yum Yum! And it was 4 days of delicious food everyday! $190 was seriously worth it.

After lunch we had our ice-breaker games, which were Human Bingo and Deserted Island. Both were very fun games, especially the last game, where we proved that being nice to others never ends up in disappointment. =D 

After the games we proceeded to our villas. I found that I would be sharing a villa with Jon Yang, Amos, Alvin Chan, Kenneth, Darren Li, Benjamin and his wife and Uncle something. The villas were as predicted, SUPER BIG AND AWESOME! Oh yeah!

After everything, we headed for dinner and the 2nd session. Based on the theme, we were targeting the negative attitudes in the church, mainly Envy, Gossip, Partiality, Personalities, Complaints, Jealousy, Bitterness and Comparing. Each session was very enlightening and informative. After listening to the lessons and through the discussions I realized that the negative attitudes pose a serious threat to the Family of God, and can potentially cause divisions. The theme of the camp was certainly well thought of and related to the present problems people are facing in this new generation. Kudos to the organisers at managing to pinpoint the main problem faced by Churches in this generation.

The next day, everything went according to schedule except that the games were canceled due to rain. A huge disappointment there. So my group took that opportunity to prepare of our skit. Note: we were separated to 4 groups, Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta. I was in Delta, together with Justin Kwan, Alvin and Jeshua Lin, Reuben's parents, Amerlyn, Melissa and a couple of adults who i can't remember their names. We decided to make a skit based on the session topics.

Well, it's already 12.15am and Hai is getting impatient that I'm on his comp for this long. So till later.