Thursday, June 25, 2009


Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen. Words escape me as i try to describe the awsomeness of this movie. The action, the effects, the explosions, the laughter, the tears, the cars, and best of all the Transformers, all came together and BANG! the best movie this year is produced. Kudos to you Michael Bay! You're a true genius!!

I will say that this is RM10 well spent. All there is to do now is to wait for Transformers 3, and there better BE a Transformers 3...


Optimus Prime : Leader of the Autobots

Bumblebee : The Yellow Guardian

Ironhide : Weapons Master

Rachet : First Aider

Sideswipe : Damn he has the moves!

Skids & Mudflap : The bloody idiotic joker twin Autobots

Arcee : Female Autobot who controlls 3 motorcycle-bots

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Best Things In Life

“Why me? Why me? How could this happen to me? I worked so hard and got so far. But what did it amount to? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All because of that two faced Justine. Now I’ve lost my job, my salary, my source of income. A family of four is waiting for me at home. How am I to sustain their needs?”

Those were the only words that were going through Luke’s mind as he walked along the deserted street towards the unfinished construction site of the new 23 storey loft style condominiums.

“I might as well end my miserable life right here, right now”

Suddenly, he felt the back end his shirt being tugged. He turned around and a small face came into view. “Excuse me sir, but I think you dropped this.” said that young boy while holding up a folded piece of paper to his face and waving it earnestly. Subconsciously, Luke reached out and took hold of that piece of paper. There was a flash of light, and then his world went black.

Luke was just barely regaining consciousness when he heard a faint voice. It sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t place it. As his vision cleared, to his astonishment, he discovered that he was in his very own living room. And the voice that he heard was none other than the voice of his own beautiful wife, who was at that moment reading a book. Unable to comprehend what was going on, Luke motioned to his wife and said,

“What’s going on? How did I come here?”

No response. He tried again, this time louder.

“Honey, WHAT”S GOING ON??”

She glanced at her watch and continued reading. Puzzled, he started walking towards her. Luke had taken no more than three steps when he heard the voice.

“Excuse me sir, but I believe she can’t hear you.”

Slowly, Luke turned his head, praying that what he just heard was not true. But as the area behind his back came into view, so did the figure of a small boy. The very same boy that held that paper to him. He opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. The boy then gestured with his hand for Luke to turn around.

“Mom, did you get the cake ready? What time is Dad coming home?

“Don’t worry dear, everything is ready for your dad’s surprise birthday party. He should be due home anytime soon. Make sure you hide when he comes in, or it won’t be a surprise. Now go help grandma in the kitchen.” was the reply given to the 2 boys of nine and twelve standing by the door.

Luke suddenly remembered that today was his birthday. He was too caught up with his deadlines and projects that he completely forgot about it.

The doorbell rang. His wife left to open the door. Larry, his best friend and his family were standing at the doorstep.

“ Hi Alice, see what I made for Luke’s birthday”, he said while holding up a strip of cloth with the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE SKYWALKER” written on it.

“You know how much he loves the Star Wars series.”

“Good one Larry”, she replied. Glancing at her watch, “He seems to be running a bit late, can’t seem to get him on the phone either.”

Luke guiltily remembered that he had switched of his phone. Larry opened his mouth to say something, but before he could do so, the small boy grabbed hold of Luke’s hand and his vision blurred.

“….company…..offer… job opening….” Were the last words he heard before it all went blank.

At first all Luke saw was black. Then without warning, as if it was waiting for that very moment, a few rays of light appeared on the far horizon. As the sun slowly rose, the area before him was lit up in a beautiful spectrum of light. He saw acres of lush greenery, unending mountain ranges, valleys, rushing rivers, flowers, all stretched before him. As he stood there, the sound of rustling leaves, birds singing in the air, and the melody of rushing waterfalls in the distance filled his ears. Surrounded by the splendor and grandeur of nature, all Luke could do was to stand there with his mouth wide open. Suddenly Luke noticed a tiny movement to his left. He turned and then for the first time, witnessed the live performance of a butterfly’s struggle out of its cocoon. Luke was filled with awe as he beheld the wonders of creation.

And then from behind him, drifted that o so familiar voice,

“Beautiful isn’t it? Pity if one couldn’t live long enough to see it.”

Then without warning, two small hands pushed him from the back.

Luke found himself falling. The next thing he knew, he was sitting in the hold of a bumpy truck full of cartons and people. The truck gradually came to a stop. Luke could hear the sound of running footsteps approaching the truck. Someone banged the door of the truck shut and moments later light filled the hold. A crowd of small black faces looked earnestly at him as he blinked his eyes in the sudden light.

‘Well, what are you waiting for? Open the crates and start distributing.’

came the voice of one of the person in the truck. Luke noticed for the first time that everyone in the truck was wearing a shirt with the words “Volunteer” written on it. A packet of food was shoved into his hands. Unsure of what to do, Luke held that packet out to the nearest boy. The reaction was immediate, as soon as he received it, the boy broke in to a big toothy smile. At that very moment, Luke felt something he never felt before. A warm glow originating from his heart. As he distributed more and more of those little wonder packets, that tingling feeling spread to his whole body. An unexplainable sensation that was taking control of his senses until all he felt was joy and love. As he looked at the sea of little joyful faces before him, Luke’s realized what it felt to be able to place a smile on another’s face.

He felt a hand pulling him, and the next thing Luke knew was that he was once again standing on that deserted road. He looked up and saw that small boy. He pointed to his pocket and then as mysteriously as he came, he left.

Curious, Luke reached into his pocket. He drew out a piece of folder paper. The paper that started it all. He unfolded it, slowly, as if he was afraid that it would suddenly disappear. On it was written these few words, “P.S – Its FREE”

No one knows what happened to Luke or the small boy after that. But one thing we DO know. What was shown to Luke that day, the love of a caring family and friends, the wonders of creation, and the ability to place a smile on another’s face, was undoubtedly the BEST THINGS IN LIFE.